Important Update about your DAPS Coins - Services might be Affected

DAPS — Privacy Coin
2 min readFeb 7, 2021

Hi everyone. No new donations to date. So far we can pay the Mongodb bill, thanks for that. 👏

The AWS bill is not covered, which we explained before these two services run together the make sure everything is functional.

If we can’t pay AWS by Tuesday unfortunately its going to have to go off.

Start getting yourself a DAPS desktop wallet to store your coins if you currently use a web wallet, SecuX or Rapids. You can use exchanges too like Stex, Txbit, StakeCube or Hotbit, to store, but ofc that’s higher risk.

Total outstanding to ensure nothing gets affected is — $1400 +- then both bills are paid.

If you need tech support when installing your DAPS desktop wallet or for moving coins, please use @dapstechsupport for assistance. Use the search 🔍 function as you’ll probably find tons of answers to your questions there already.

Is the project suspended?
No, the project and the DAPS blockchain will always be there. Your coins are always yours. Masternodes, staking and block explorer will always function, that’s the beauty of peer to peer cryptocurrency. So the vital basics are in place and there for you to have DAPS and enjoy the privacy 🔏 it offers.

In summary:

Get your coins off SecuX and Rapids asap.
Get your coins off the DAPS web wallets and into DAPS full node wallets or an exchange option.

Thanks to those who contributed towards the bills, we appreciate your support and efforts. Digital Ocean and MongoDB both got covered. 💪💯

We will update you regarding exchange listings. We discussed numerous times here with you all about making our listings less temporarily before we get delisted, so we might pause Bitmart trading for the first exchange. Official confirmation to follow this week.

Thank you.



DAPS — Privacy Coin

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