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DAPS — Privacy Coin
3 min readFeb 1, 2021

Hi all — server payments are due this week as it is the end of the month, so we need everyone to assist in the running costs of the project or unfortunately it will have to get suspended meaning no website, web wallets, 3rd party services and solutions, delisting from CMC and Gecko and MNO and no API. We hope everyone can help to pay these bills to avoid the issues we had the past two weeks due to AWS suspending the account due to late / no payment.

Most other projects in crypto receive thousands of dollars in donations from their communities to pay bills and developers, we are not the first or the only. We are actually the first community project that DIDN’T take any donations from anyone for over two years. If you complain about us actually asking the community to help build and drive this project you will get banned — no warnings. We had enough moaners, we need only positive and proactive people moving forward in this project.

We thank those who have already donated or are helping in other ways besides just donating, with more people like you this project can have a good future and keep building. Our previous two donations were enough to cover the outstanding costs for December and hence why the services to you all could be restored. We hope all DAPS holders will step up to the plate.

Remember this project cost a total of 2 million dollars to build and get to where it is today, which nobody donated to. The team and markets took care of this before. It will be a huge waste to see this going nowhere. If this fundraising goal is not reached monthly servers will go off, Adel and Andrew cannot keep taking sole responsibility for this project. Thank you.

DOGE address


LTC address


The total cost due for the end of January is:
$3043 USD

Raised so far towards January bill:
$1600 USD
(with this fee we can pay MongoDB so long but it needs AWS to function, they go together, so we must pay both of them)

Total left to raise this week to avoid shut off of services again:
$1374 USD

Bill paid so far is Digital Ocean that handles the load balancer and bootstrap download, thanks for making that possible!

Join the official Telegram channel for more discussions or to answer questions, please use the Telegram search function as your question was probably answered before :) https://t.me/dapscoin

These costs are ongoing and we will need contributions until the market recovers. If everyone chips in and help the project as a community then we will all come out on the other side as winners.



DAPS — Privacy Coin

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